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NLMA Newsletter | May 2023

Hello again! As we wave goodbye to May, it's time for your bitesize round-up of all things NLMA! Packed with all our essential news and updates from the last month, by the time the kettle’s finished, you’ll be all caught up! From further expanding our team to onboarding a major new client, it's fair to say May has been an…
31st May 2023

10 Ways To Optimise Your PPC Landing Pages

So, a customer has finally clicked on your paid advert... now what? Granted, getting them onto your website in the first place is a success in its own right, but securing that conversion is going to take more than just a strong advertising campaign. Wherever your PPC campaign is designed to take your customer, giving them a well-rounded and optimised…
21st May 2023

‘Weird’ Ad Campaigns still work, even after April Fool’s Day.

The Best of April's 'Weird' Ideas... We all love a ‘weird’ ad, don’t we? From the Cadbury’s drumming gorilla to Evian’s roller-skating babies, the stranger the campaign - the more memorable it becomes. What’s better? These iconic adverts often have absolutely nothing to do with the product; instead relying on a loose tie to the brands slogan. Whether it’s the…
8th May 2023

NLMA Newsletter | April 2023

Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce our new monthly newsletter; your bitesize round-up of all things NLMA! Packed with all the essential news and updates from the last month, by the time the kettle’s finished, you’ll be all caught up! As we wave goodbye to Q1, we thought we’d share a brief recap of what’s been keeping us busy, as…
11th April 2023

Building a Business Case for a Marketing Agency

As marketers, we value the importance of going ‘digital’. But more than that, we’re ambassadors – we speak openly and passionately about it’s benefits and how it can transform the customer journey of your business. However, we’re often guilty of looking at digital through ‘rose-tinted’ glasses. It’s a regular occurrence that decision makers and board members don’t share this passion.…
19th May 2021

Creating Innovative Thought Leadership Content for your Business

We live in an era of content. Whether it’s posting blogs to websites once a week, putting artsy office shots on Instagram, or publishing 50+ page, graphically designed whitepapers loaded with research. In this melee of images, videos, and text, there is a category of content which delivers such powerful results it has become a Top 4 marketing objective for…
21st April 2021

Why Social Media Marketing is Important for the Equipment Hire Industry

In a fast-paced digital world, social media is a crucial part of an effective Equipment Rental marking strategy. With 45% of the world’s population using social media in one form or another, it’s where many of your prospects are active. For example, In the UK, 67% of people use social media. No matter where you’re based in the world, social…
24th February 2021

Social Media ROI: Measuring Social Success

With social media now such an omnipotent presence in our lives, it’s easy to forget where it all started. Take Facebook, for example. Originally set up so American university students could communicate in a more cordial digital environment than email, it went on to become a global force that now boasts close to 3 billion users. A category of digital…
10th February 2021

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Creating a New Website for your Business

Here’s the thing - a lot of businesses entering the new year will be looking to hit the ground running with their website. Whether this is you or something you are looking at doing in the future, ensuring your website is built to be exactly what is needed for your business remains a key priority. With 51% of people saying…
27th November 2020

Our Two Cents Worth: Organic Social Media vs. Paid Advertising [A Complete Comparison]

If you search the phrase “Is organic social media dead?” on Google, you get roughly 65,900,000 results and at least the first three pages (yes, we’ve checked) have opinion articles debating ‘Organic Social Media vs Paid Advertising’. In this article, the discussion is created whether businesses should go down the paid advertising route, or hoping that their social media strategy…
13th November 2020