Content Marketing

Generate engaging content that draws in your target audience.

Content marketing is a strategic approach that involves creating and sharing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. The goal of content marketing is to establish trust and credibility with the audience, ultimately leading to increased brand awareness, engagement, and customer loyalty.

Content can take many forms, including blog posts, videos, social media updates, infographics, and more. Any successful Content Strategy relies on targeted and engaging content to drive traffic to your website or social media.

By providing useful information and addressing the needs of the audience, content marketing aims to build a long-term relationship between the brand and the customer, rather than simply selling a product or service.

Want an analysis on your Digital Footprint, feedback as well as our input as to how you can see an improved ROI on your marketing?

Our Content Marketing Package

Here is our pre-defined content marketing package which includes a combination of the following services.

Social Media

  • Social Media Strategy Research & Planning
  • Optimise and set up Social Media Channels and Publishing Tool
  • Unified Monthly Content Plan & Weekly Template, Creation, Scheduling and Publishing (Minimum x5 posts per week)
  • Community Management
  • Monthly Analytics & Reporting

Email Marketing

  • Email Strategy Research & Planning
  • Setup of required Email Campaign Client Software and Import contact data
  • Create Monthly Email Strategy Plan with 3x Email Templates
  • A/B testing to optimize results
  • Lead Follow-up List
  • Monthly Analytics & Reporting

Content Marketing

  • 2 Featured Content Pieces Per Month: Written by our experienced and talented copywriter.
  • 1/2 Day Photographer Shoot & Edit Per Month: 30 High-Res Images Min
  • 2 Days Videographer Shoot & Edit Per Month: 2 Video & Shorts
  • Digital Audit Report

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