The Best of April’s ‘Weird’ Ideas…

We all love a ‘weird’ ad, don’t we?

From the Cadbury’s drumming gorilla to Evian’s roller-skating babies, the stranger the campaign – the more memorable it becomes.

What’s better? These iconic adverts often have absolutely nothing to do with the product; instead relying on a loose tie to the brands slogan.

Whether it’s the comic relief, or the utter confusion that comes with seeing a completely outrageous advert for the first time, we all appreciate an advert we don’t have to skip.

While many of April’s best ideas get used up for April Fool’s Day, some campaigns are too beautifully bizarre to throw away.

So, to celebrate the best of last month’s weird ads, we’ve rounded up our favourite five for you below!

1 – Tesco Mobile

‘Welcome To The Helpful Network’

Here we follow the wild adventures of a heroic free-range trolley that’ll stop at nothing to help free a customer from a well.

This level of customer service puts us all to shame.

2 – Marmite

Marmite Baby Scan – What Are You Expecting?

Of all the things you want to learn about at a scan, whether or not your newborn baby will be a fan of marmite isn’t usually on the list.

3 – Hellmann’s

The Mayo McHack

According to Hellmann’s, the only way to get your hands on mayonnaise from McDonald’s is by spending £1.19 and deconstructing a Mayo Chicken… Gross.

Not the worst investment though, considering they’ll reimburse you with Hellmann’s vouchers if you snap a photo and hashtag it with #MayoMcHack.

4 – Pot Noodle

Nothing Fills A Hole Like A Pot Noodle

Well, they’re not wrong…

People have been known to decorate and fill pot holes with everything from rubber ducks to birthday cakes.

At least this eco-friendly alternative helps to keep the foxes fed.

5 – Freddy Quinne (Dead Men Touring)

There’s no video for this one, but you get the idea.

Ahead of his upcoming tour, comedian Freddy Quinne came up with the ingenious idea of paying a local pilot to fly over the Grand National Festival with a banner reading

With the link instead linking users to his personal page, this stunt was an ironic distraction from a weekend of disruptive animal rights protests. Truly bizarre.

Worth spending his entire marketing budget on, though? Absolutely.

Which advert was your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

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