Content creation remains a time consuming, yet essential, task for Marketing Managers to navigate.

Whilst, from the outside, creating content doesn’t seem that tough, ensuring you have enough capacity, gaining ‘buy in’ and sign off from the rest of the company as well as dedicating resources all come hand in hand with content creation. However, there is an easier way to make use of your current resources, whilst ensuring they remain ‘fresh’ for your audience.

Take me as an example. To give a little background, I moved to Manchester nearly two weeks ago and, between accidently smashing my TV and navigating new ‘grown-up’ bills, I posted a video on Instagram showing off my new apartment. Nothing cinematic or special, just a video showing the view and letting my followers know that I have moved across the country.

Later that week, I uploaded a photo from the very same apartment. Same view, same furniture, same dying cactus plant on my windowsill. However, I still received a similar amount of reactions and messages with people asking when I moved and how I’m getting on. These were the people that also saw my video the previous week and commented on that too.

Now, I know what you are thinking… “What has this got to do with optimising content for my Social Media?”

Your blog from a month ago is my video from last week. It’s content that remains useful, but has been seen before. My more recent photo, on the other hand, is that same bit of content but repurposed and refreshed, giving the impression that what you’re promoting is different from that very same blog you promoted previously. This ensures that there is more longevity in the post for your Social Media Strategy.

Just so you have examples to take away, here are a couple of ways to repurpose your content for social media:


1.     Video

There’s a certain pretence when it comes to video that it has to be highly produced which incurs a steeper price. The reality is that there are ways to create a low-production value video that garners a similar amount of engagement and is just as effective.

If you’re happy to get in front of the camera, then just jump behind your phone or your webcam. Produce a ‘recap’ of your article where you talk about an overview of your content and direct them to your blog. A bonus with the introduction of LinkedIn stories, you can create ‘vlogs’ that can be shot in short 20 second snippets to direct your audience to your website. This helps you produce a personal approach for your business.

If getting in front of the camera isn’t your thing, there’s still options for you. By using programmes such as Lumen5 and Animoto, you can create high quality video content.

If you are looking for professional video, take a look at our Video and Film Production services.


2.      Data-sets/Infographics/PDF’s

Similarly to video, a lot of people believe you need a Graphic Designer to design visuals for social media. However, using platforms such as Canva means you can create graphics for free – you just need some creative flair.

LinkedIn is quite unique when hosting this type of content. As it has the functionality to be able to display PDF’s as slideshows which makes your graphics that little bit more accessible and drives engagement to your company page.

Looking for someone to help you out with your Graphic Design? Contact us to see how we can help.


3.     Topical Quotes

We all know that posting a quote on at the start of the week with ‘#MotivationalMonday’ generates easy engagement.

So why not take an excerpt from your article and post it alongside your reposted article if you believe it holds value for your audience. This quote can be just included within the post copy, or you can take what you learnt from Tip #2 and make a graphic out of it.

With social media algorithms tending to favour posts with some sort of visual element, creating your quote as part of an image can be a powerful tool to boost engagement and maintain brand authority – provided your image is branded (always recommended!). Furthermore, including a graphic will make the post more sharable for your audience.

Repurposing content can turn that spark you generated way back when and set your blog on fire. Think of your blog as an extra touchpoint for your potential customers. Be proud of your content, promote it in as many formats as you can think of and get the most out of every blog whilst continuing to add value.

If you’re looking for someone to help with your Social Media and Content Management, we’re here to help.

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