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Sales Skills Accelerator is a Sales Coaching business, teaching the importance of using emotional intelligence within Sales Teams. By developing self-awareness, their teachings increase confidence, impact how you do business and have been proven to improve sales performance.

Sales Skills Accelerator approached Next Level Marketing Agency in September 2020 with the challenge of refreshing their Brand, as well as producing Social Media content that resonated with their new Brand Identity.


  • Website Design
  • Branding and Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Management

The Challenge

Sales Skills Accelerator had spent time re-evaluating their proposition and the value they provide their clients. As a result, the decision was made that their branding and external messaging needed to be more targeted. The business was in the developmental stages and, as a result, wanted a brand that was future-proof.

Sales Skills Accelerator required a multitude of changes, ranging from Branding, all the way through to the creation of a Social Media Strategy. The overall objective of the project was to ensure that there was a distinct identity for the brand that was represented across all digital platforms.

With access to our extensive Strategy Partner network, Next Level Marketing Agency set about developing a Brand Identity, a responsive website and a Social Media Strategy.

A 2-Step Approach to Identity

In order to refine an identity for Sales Skills Accelerator, we ran a series of discovery calls to better understand the ‘look and feel’ and what emotions Suzy wanted to induce with her brand. This enabled us to gather a stronger idea regarding the aesthetics of the logo, all the way down to the colour pallet we used throughout.

It was important for us to leverage ‘trust’ as the focal point of the rebrand. With businesses sometimes lacking the assertiveness to press ‘Go’ on training for their employees, we wanted to ensure that people attributed trust with Sales Skills Accelerator; reflecting the level of service they provide their customers.

Once the rebrand was complete, we identified that Suzy would benefit from a new website.

We took into account the User Experience (UX) on her current website, and identify the shortfalls in order to see where we could optimise the UX. Whilst conducting this research, we noticed the bounce rate remained high and that visitors didn’t convert after conducting research on the company.

As a solution, we ideated a plan to create an “Emotional Intelligence Sales Assessment” whereby users fill in a form tasked at seeing how emotionally intelligent they are. By submitting, they would get a 30-minute free consultation from Sales Skills Accelerator with bespoke tips to improve and make smarter sales decisions.

Driving Growth through Social Media

Upon the finalisation of the website, it was identified that an ongoing, results-driven Social Media Strategy would be hugely beneficial for the ongoing growth of the brand.

Our first step was creating idealised client personas using quantitative data from industry reports. This includes everything from demographics, age, job title etc, all the way through to buying tendencies and interests. Off the back of creating 3 personas, we set about creating a messaging framework for all Social Media messaging. We were able to establish how each persona responded to each type of messaging and which tone of voice incentivised people to convert through social.

Once the research stage of the project was complete, we set about creating a three month plan which was visible to both the client and ourselves. This enabled us to plan in advance the type of messaging we were putting out and prepare graphics in advance.

“The research phase of any Social Media project is the most important. By establishing the correct personas from the start, you can create targeted messaging and see immediate growth from posting on Social Media.”

– Rob White, Marketing Specialist

We met with Sales Skills Accelerator once a month and provided a clear report. Also detailed in this meeting were optimisation points and how our strategy could be leveraged for further growth.

The Results

The Branding and Logo Design portion of the project went down brilliantly within the business community. The new slick, trustworthy branding really resonated with the wider audience and presented a strong image of the brand. This reaction was mirrored further with the website. People commented on how improved the website was and how the services were more accessible for them to view, consider and enquire.

Driving Social Media growth practically from scratch, we were able to demonstrate growth almost immediately. Focussing primarily on LinkedIn, we were able to drive more unique visitors to the page than ever before of the course of the project.

We were able to propel substantial Social Growth over the full campaign. With the key Social metrics (followers, engagement and click-through rate) all seeing a sharp increase throughout, we were able to display the value of having a consistent presence on social media and improve the following of the business by over 89%.

Client Testimonial

“Choosing Next Level Marketing Agency was one of the wisest choices I ever made. They have been extremely professional and have helped me with a complete Rebrand which included logo design, website design and social media management. I have felt guided and supported all the way in this area where I have very little knowledge. I plan a long relationship with these guys as they make marketing my business a much easier process!”

Suzy Couper | Founder, Sales Skills Accelerator

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