Amplifying a new Identity for Runway25


Runway25 is an online shop that has challenge coins, patches and key rings as core products based in the Aviation industry.

Initially formed in 2015 as Club Coins UK, a specialist coin company, Runway25 Managing Director, Tom Newey, approached Next Level Marketing Agency in September 2019 with challenge of promoting their recent rebrand and amplifying their new identity over Social Media.

This involved the creation of a launch video to be promoted over social media as well as various other professional video assets.


  • Video Production

The Challenge

The challenge was clear. Club Coins UK no longer represented what the company had become or where it wanted to go. Their plan was the expand the range of products they offered and didn’t feel as if they could do that with a name that suggested that they sold coins exclusively.

Another issue was the fact that the company name was quite generic, yet their main market had become very specific, as the majority of their products being focussed on the aviation industry.

Keen to show their history and passion for the aviation industry, we focussed on creating a memorable video that represented this pivot and accurately portray the identity of the business in a video.

Amplifying the New Identity

In order to properly ascertain the requested projects, we ran a series of discovery calls to further understand the requirements for the rebrand video. This involved learning more about Tom’s background and how he wanted to filter his history into the company.

This vision was made a reality for and, as result, we created a corporate launch video to announce the rebrand. You can find the finished result below.

The Results

We were able to successfully complete a rebrand video for Runway25 and help devise a strategy to enable them to better explain the purpose of the Brand and significance to the foundations of the business.

The promotional video really took off within the aviation community. With the goal being brand awareness and making an impact, we considered the video a success due to gaining considerable traction on social media and lead to additional product sales on the Runway25 ecommerce website.

Client Testimonial

“After taking the decision to rebrand my company, I decided that the best way to launch the new brand would be via a short video. I worked with Next Level Marketing Agency (NLMA) to create this, they met me at the location and had a fantastic array of quality equipment, giving me confidence that the end product would be of a high quality. The Visual Team created a relaxed atmosphere which enabled filming to take place quickly and with minimal takes. I really enjoyed the experience and have no fears around using video as part of my Marketing Strategy in the future, supported by NLMA.”

Tom Newey | Managing Director, Runway25

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